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SEFAR Architecture TENARA Outfits Google
Historic Hotel in Cartagena, Columbia Turns to SEFAR Architecture TENARA Fabric for Courtyard Canopy
A retractable canopy made with SEFAR Architecture TENARA 4T40HF fabric covers a courtyard and dining area of the historic Hotel Charleston in the heart of Cartagena, Columbia. The canopy allows the hotel to fully utilize the open-air, five-story high courtyard, as inclement weather had been preventing the full use of the space on a regular basis. Providing this scheduling certainty was paramount to the owner.

The retractable canopy was designed and installed by Uni-Systems LLC. It is 43 feet long and 73 feet wide when fully extended over the courtyard.
Audi of Freehold, NJ Shows Off with SEFAR LIGHTFRAME
SEFAR LIGHTFRAME Provides Flexible, Quality Light for LWL-Museum of Art & Culture
To display and maintain its permanent collections and special exhibitions in a flexible and modern way, the LWL-Museum of Art & Culture in Münster, Germany chose to install the SEFAR LIGHTFRAME illuminated modular fabric ceiling system.

In the exhibition spaces, SEFAR LIGHTFRAME follows the walls' outlines, creating a calm ceiling impression and providing flexible light for the unrestricted display of exhibits. The SEFAR LIGHTFRAME modules work in tandem with the museum projectors to provide customized light based on the visual task at hand and conservation-related requirements for the exhibit‘s protection.
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Retrofitted Condominium in Hanover, Germany Improves Aesthetic and Efficiency with SEFAR Architecture VISION
SEFAR Architecture VISION brings reduced glare, increased energy efficiency, and a distinctive façade to a recently renovated condominium in Hanover, Germany. The VISION fabric was chosen because of its ability to block sunlight without blocking light transmission, resulting in high-quality, low-glare interior light. As a laminated glass element in front of the windows, VISION also improves the building’s energy efficiency by reducing solar heat gain.

In addition to its performance contributions to the condominium, SEFAR Architecture VISION dresses the building to create a façade that captures attention from the street.
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From pristine fabric canopies, to seamless light ceilings, to dynamic glass facades, we invite you to explore the functions and flash of SEFAR Architecture products through the lens of Pinterest.

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Space and Light Disclose New Perspectives
SEFAR LIGHTFRAME Illuminated Modular Fabric Ceiling System at the LWL-Museum of Art and Culture, Münster

By: Licht Kunst Licht AG

After a perennial construction period, the LWL Museum of Art and Culture in Münster re-opened in September 2014. Designed by Staab Architekten, the newly-;constructed building is connected to the existing building from 1908, allowing the museum to display its collection in 51 exhibition spaces. The spaces are flanked by a library, an auditorium, access and relaxation zones, a bookshop, and a restaurant.

Light integrated into architecture

Interlinked with Münster‘s city center through a sequence of forecourts, traversed by a publically accessible path and organized in an "architecture of courtyards," the re-opened museum offers optimum conditions for serving as a public cultural venue embedded in an urban context. New visions of an interconnection between the museum and its neighborhood open up from within, also by virtue of six-meter-high windows. Regardless of the perspective-from inside or outside-openness and clarity undeniably prevail in this building. The lighting concept was to underline these qualities. Consequently, the lighting designers opted for a stringent integration of all light sources into the architecture. It is not the luminaires that are at the design focus, but the effect that they create.


The museum visitor is welcomed by a three-story foyer that is spanned by a glazed skylight and a SEFAR LIGHTFRAME illuminated modular fabric ceiling below.

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